Faith First! Freedom Over Failure!

Who We Are

About Me!

Steven Mitchell, PT

Faith First! I strive to make time for prayer, reflection and meditation everyday. With that, I enjoy incorporating verses of the Bible in my study to become empowered to live out my God given Purpose to change lives one training session at a time. 


I am a certified personal trainer who spends quality time each day researching and growing my knowledge and expertise so that I can better serve my clients needs. I am a first generation college graduate with ambitions to change the narrative and entire trajectory for my family.

Faith, Vision, Fruition!

It doesn't matter where you start as long as you take the first step the others will follow. Imagine yourself where you want to be mentally, physically, and spiritually. When you have aligned these three you will receive peace. Take the 1st step (Vision) move forward with (Faith) and everything you ever dreamed will come into (Fruition).